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Visa Routes to Spain

Our team of multi-lingual solicitors are qualified to support immigration services in Spain including non-lucrative visas, golden visas, and different work visa options. Call our team on 0161 503 0553 for immediate legal advice for your unique circumstances.

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Spanish Family and Immigration Services in Manchester 

Our team of international, multi-lingual lawyers can support a range of services in other countries, such as Spain. We have a select number of qualified Spanish lawyers with ample expertise in immigration and visa applications to Spain. Our expert Spanish lawyers can provide you with advice and assistance in visa applications that are now required for individuals that wish to remain in Spain for longer than 90 days, work inside the country, open a business, invest or retire to Spain. Your wish to move to Spain can be achieved through visa applications such us non-lucrative visas, golden visas, and different work visa options.

Our services are not limited to Immigration, as our experienced Spanish qualified lawyers can provide you with legal services in Spain, whether you are already abroad or in the UK. Our lawyers will study the details of your case and find the best solution as per Spanish law and regulations.

Spanish Non-Lucrative Visa


This kind of visa is designed for people that have sufficient funds to live in Spain without engaging in any type of professional activity or employment. After the first year residing on a non-lucrative visa in Spain, it is possible to switch to other residence permits from inside the country such as a work visa.

  • Visa allows study and internships in Spain 

  • Visa can be extended to relatives as dependants on the application with no extra requirements

  • Applicants are granted Free Movement Rights within the Schengen area

  • Applicants are not able to engage in employment activity in the country under this visa

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Golden Visa Program

The Golden Visa Route is an investor permit which allows non-EU Nationals to obtain Spanish residency for one year. This allows the applicant to work and live legally in Spain for the duration of the visa. After permanent residence, applicants can even consider extending to Spanish citizenship by naturalisation.

  • Fast Track Visa – get a decision within 20 days after submitting the required documentation

  • Visa can be extended to relatives as dependants on the application with no extra requirements

  • Applicants are granted Free Movement Rights within the Schengen area

Spanish Work Visas

If you want to work and live in Spain and you are a non-EU national, you must apply for a work permit. Subject to the kind of work you are planning to engage in, you have multiple routes at your disposal. The main routes would be:

  • Work permit for employees

  • Seasonal workers

  • Working Holiday Visa

  • Self-employed, freelance and entrepreneur workers

  • EU BlueCard

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Spanish Student Visa


If you want to study in Spain or conduct academic research in the country, you must apply for a student visa. If you are a non-EU national, you must apply for a student visa if you want to engage in any kind of studies or research.​

  • The student permit will allow you to study for your degree, masters or PhD

  • You can work up to 20 hours per week on an internship


After competition of your studies or research you might be eligible for a residence permit as a student looking for job given that you meet the eligibility requirements of adequate maintenance and competition of studies.

EU Family Permit


If you are a non-EU national and you have an EU national family member residing in Spain, you can easily join them applying for a EU Family permit. This permit will allow you to reside 5 years in Spain with your family member, after that you will need to renew the permit.


Eligibility Requirements

  • You are a Non-EU national

  • Background check and clean criminal record

  • Eligible health insurance and medical certificate

  • Proof of sufficient means and/or income from your EU national sponsor

  • Evidence of your relationship with your sponsor

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Green Card Applications


EEA, EU and Swiss nationals can apply in Spain for a Certificate of Registration as EEA nationals, also known as “Green Card”. This registration allow EEA nationals to register as long-term residents in the country. The green card also allows you to evidence your residence for a naturalisation application. 


There are different ways to apply for a Green Card, which are linked to the basis of your intended long-term residence in Spain:

  • As an employee

  • As a self-employed individual or freelancer

  • As a student

  • As a non-lucrative individual

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Other Spanish Law Services

Our team of qualified Spanish lawyers can give you advice and representation on your legal matters in Spain. We will simplify Spanish-law processes for you and provide you with full advice and representations throughout the process. In Masaud solicitors we understand the extra stress that a legal process outside your home country must entail, and we would love to take that burden and simplify it for you. Out team can advise and represent you in a wide collection of situations such as the following:


Family Law - Civil Law

  • Incapacity

  • Separation and divorce

  • Child maintenance and partner’s pension claims

  • Regulation of the alimony regime,

  • Compensatory pension

  • Liquidation and separation of assets (giving priority to agreement rather than judicial),

  • Mutual agreement contracts

  • Family protocol and paternal-filial measures (custody and guardianship)

  • Contracts, claims for payment,

  • Inheritances (will, acceptance, debts and division)

  • Evictions

  • Notary assistance.


Corporate and Insolvency Law 

  • Company consultancy and advice

  • Bankruptcy incidents

  • Claims for recognition of credits

  • Unfair competition.

  • Registration of patents and trademarks.

  • Intellectual and industrial property.


Business Administration and Legal Assistance

  • Incorporation of companies

  • Advice to self-employed individual and entrepreneurs,

  • Advice to SLs (limited companies), SAs and Family business

  • Franchises

  • Bankruptcy, creditors and claims

  • Tax Regulations advice

Civil and Commercial Mediation - Legal Counselling and Agency Services 

  • Mediation sessions

  • Asset management

  • Dismissals, employment contracts,

  • Hired companies, and self-employed workers.


Criminal Law & Penitentiary Support

  • Full assistance and representation on criminal cases, allegations and lawsuits for any offences

  • Attendance at trials and appeal

  • Civil liability

  • Cancellation of criminal records

  • Prison attendance

  • Appeals against classification in grad

  • Appeals against refusals of leave

  • Further assistance and representation to convicted person

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